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Visit Slide Rock State Park during our signature event. Enjoy food, games, a hay ride for the whole family, and learn more about our picturesque Oak Creek. Come celebrate the fall in the beautiful Oak Creek Canyon at the Slide Rock State Park Fall Festival. This event is presented by Arizona State Parks, the Friends of Slide Rock and volunteers. Bring a picnic and enjoy the day with exhibits and demonstrations, wild plants of Slide Rock State Park, kid's activities at the Junior Ranger Station, tractors, and flywheelers.

The Park for many years was a large orchard and today is still a working commercial apple ranch producing 1,000 boxes of apples each year in the park. Apples can be handpicked by visitors for a small fee that goes to the Volunteers that service the orchards. Fall Fest guests are treated to special programs to enjoy the park.

Frank L. Pendley arrived in the Canyon in1907 and acquired the land title as part of the Homestead Act in 1910. He put in the irrigation system and planted the apple orchard in 1912. In 1933 he built the rustic cabins seen in the park today. It was sold to the Arizona Parklands Foundation for $3.6 million in 1984 to become a State Park. An original vintage 30-foot-long apple sorting machine reconstructed by volunteers is still in the historic Pendley Apple Shed. Volunteers demonstrate the art of sorting the art of sorting different sizes of apples for boxing and selling.

Event sponsored by:    Slide Rock State Park

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